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even more Oman

Oman is such a beautiful country. We went on an amazing boat ride, and saw some of the most picturesque beaches, clear turquoise water, dolphins, jelly fish. it was a highlight of the trip for me.
The Sultan of Oman, notice the ceremonial dagger stuffed into his belt.
more Oman

i canĺ─˘t resist but to publish all the pictures i take, but it seems there are so many that most computers canĺ─˘t load all the images, so you might only be able to view one entry at a time. if you want to view past entries you can click on the month and view all of march or feb. or do a search.

here are a bunch of photos of what we have been up to in Oman.

we played a gig at the ambassadorĺ─˘s residence

wanna be beastie boys in effect
audience in a gig at our hotel
ants carrying grains of rice
Muscat, Oman
on a night off these guys wanted to smoke cigars and drink cognac.
about 30 minutes after this photo was taken Mike wanted to throw up from all the cigar smoke.
we did a unusual, but enlightening workshop at the Ibri Higher College of Technology
after the females left the classroom the guys wanted to do a traditional dance for us.
then they wanted to put traditional head gear on each of us.
Then we played some music at the school.
We inspired this student to get on stage do an interpretive dance. I thought this took a lot of guts because in this culture I was told dancing to music is a sin. As soon as he got on stage everyone went crazy screaming and cheering him on. It felt like these people are dying to dance, but all it took was one person to get everyone else started. Notice that this is the same guy who put the turbans on our heads earlier.
tomas signing autographs for his adoring fans
This guy couldnĺ─˘t wait to use his exegesis sticker
the next day we played before a really great audience at the Nizwa Higher College of Technology. the males were clad in white and the females were clad in black.
When we first found out we were going to the middle east we knew it was going to be tough, and possibly dangerous, but i never anticipated how bad it might actually be. I mean, what if one of us was scalded while sipping on a moccaccino.
or what if someone happens to get a sunburn at the beach that is 100 yards from our hotel.
today we did a workshop at a high school.
then had lunch with some really talented high school musicians.
Oman really reminds me of Southern California. It is really warm, sunny, nice beach, big highways, laid back attitude. There are nice coffee shops with free wireless internet. it is quite comfortable and totally chill.
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