As a performer, composer, producer and sound designer Nick Demopoulos has had considerable experience working in many varied musical situations. These situations include music for feature films, documentaries, television, video games, theatre, modern dance, commercials, internet ads, instrument design, perfomances in concert halls, festivals and small clubs. Some of the mediums Nick has composed in include jazz combo, chamber groups, solo guitar, electronic music and electro-acoustic music. Working as a teaching artist, Nick has given music workshops to young children, high school students, those with no musical training, non-english speakers and guitar classes to senior citizens.

Nick worked and performed with renowned percussionist and NEA Jazz Master Chico Hamilton in his group "Euphoria" and has appeared as the guitar player on Chico's last releases, "Revelation," "Euporic" and "The Inquiring Mind." Other artists he has worked with include Solsonics, God is my Copilot, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Choreographer Camille Brown, The National Theatre of the United States of America, Walter Thompson, Steve Gaucci, Angela DiCarlo, Exegesis, and Angel Eyedealism.

In 2008 Nick Demopoulos was selected to participate in the American Music Abroad Program, sponsored by Jazz at Lincoln Center and the U.S. Department of State and as a result toured the Gulf States region of the Middle East and held performances and educational workshops in Bahrain, Oman, Yeman, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Photos and details about this trip can be found at the following link:

He has appeared at numerous national and international venues, including the SXSW, 2011 In/Out Fest at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, 2003 Montreaux Jazz Festival, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, The Phoenix Festival, the Hamburg Jazz Festival, Dizzy’s Club in New York, and the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C. In 2012 he perfomed a solo guitar piece entitled, "Memories," on stage with Complexions Contemporary Ballet during their season at the Joyce Theatre that was created by choreographer Camille Brown.

Jeff Miers of the The Buffalo News called Nick "one of the most strikingly virtuostic, well-versed jazz guitarists this side of Pat Metheny," and referred to The Harmony of the Anomaly, Nick's most recent release, as "about as well composed, performed, and produced as experimental jazz can be." Of the 1997 release Harmonic Convergence, Marc Gallo of wrote "visual music. Music that begs the eye to close and the mind to be still. It is a musical journey that is exciting, well-paced and, pardon the cliche, simply brilliant."

In 2009 one of Nick’s jazz compositions was featured in a short film by Nikon and cinematographer Harris Savides. It can be viewed here, or in the film/video page of this site. Some other film and televison credits include guitar on the soundtrack of the 2006 film "Accepted" (Universal) including the heavy metal version of Eleanor Rigby layered with several guitar parts and the score for the documentary "Glamazon: A Different Kind of Girl" (1993). He has also written music for the The Guggenheim Museum, Motorola, and Estee Lauder. Nick has created sound design for several video installations for artist Yorgo Alexopoulos including Infinite Sphere, No Feeling is Final and Transmigrations.

In June of 2012 Nick was the musical director for the production of "The Golden Veil" by the National Theatre of The United States of America (NTUSA) at the Kitchen in New York. Other theatre projects include composing music for two musicals, Rhymes with Adventure and I, Medusa. Rhymes with Adventure was chosen as one of the best theatre pieces of the '99-00 season by the Village Voice and was performed at the Soho Repertory Theatre. The following year, I, Medusa appeared at the Ontological Theatre in New York. Demopoulos did the sound design for the play Lola is Sick, (2004) by Lisette Merenciana which appeared at Here Theater in New York. This sound design included two hours of field recordings made in Brooklyn of bustling city noise. It has since been made commercially available and has been used in countless art installations, plays and films. It can be purchased here.

In 2010 Nick started his most important work to date, designing, building and composing music for an instrument he created called "Smomid." This instrument can be most simply described as a touch sensitive guitar that controls highly sophisticated software. This software allows for variation of beats, bass lines and patterns within a musical performance in realtime. It also allows for a dynamically, variation rich and ever evolving live performance of electronic music. The music Nick performs on the Smomid is closer to Jazz, World or modern Classical than Electronic Music


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